132 What’s next in life

When do you decide it’s time to do what’s next in life? In this special edition of the podcast, we talk about what’s next with us.

132 What's next in life

This week’s Inspire Me quote is from Vincent Van Gogh:

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

Whenever we embark on a new course, we never know just what adventure we will have and what lasting effects the journey will have on us. When we ponder what’s next for our lives, it helps to take stock of what we’ve learned from our previous experience so that we move forward with the best things we’ve gained.

Leary and Armin announced that this is the final episode of the Reinventure Me podcast. In early 2017, they will be launching a brand new show called the BoldIdea® Podcast. As they look toward “what’s next” for them, they review some show highlights to share what they’ve learned from Reinventure Me.

Quotes from the show:

  • “When you try new things, they can bring joys, friends, challenges, and, in many ways, show you what you are able to accomplish and help you rise up…” —Leary
  • “Nothing lasts forever, and it’s not necessarily intended to. […] For me, stopping something is much, much harder than starting something.” —Leary
  • “You start not with the big idea—you start with just taking and embracing the smallest form [of the idea] that gets you there and moves you along.” —Leary
  • “That’s the whole idea of walking by faith, […] it’s taking that first small step. It’s crazy how fast the other steps show up [after that].” —Armin
  • “That one small step [is] a test. […] You then can find out [whether] you have momentum or you have monotony.” —Leary

Our main “what’s next in life” lessons from Reinventure Me:

This week’s Challenge Me:

  • While we work toward “what’s next” for us, we don’t want to lose touch with you. Please join the party at boldideapodcast.com where we will notify you when we release the next podcast early next year.

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