006 How to be a better beginner

We’ve all been beginners. But in our haste to develop competency, do we give much thought to how to become a better beginner?

How to be a better beginner


This episode of the Reinventure Me podcast explores what it takes to become a better beginner. Every transition is about a new beginning. And, yet, even if you’re not in the midst of a transition, there’s good reason to practice becoming a better beginner. Leary Gates and Armin Assadi have a lively discussion about beginnings, the famed 10,000 hour rule and what’s missing from that and five things you can do to become a better beginner.

The show starts with an Inspire Me quote from Eugene F. Ware:

“All glory comes form daring to begin.”

And suggest five simple things you can do to become a better beginner:

  1. Read & read widely to soak up different perspectives from a variety of fields and thinkers.
  2. Attend classes, workshops, conferences to meet people.
  3. Start something you’ve never done before, even something small, to keep your curiosity sharp.
  4. Teach something to others as the most effective way to stretch and learn.
  5. Join or form a group around an area of interest.

Leary and Armin personally accepted the Challenge Me challenge: to start something they’ve never done in the next four weeks. They share that in this episode and will be tracking their progress as they go. Will you do the same? What new thing could you start in the next four weeks?

In the Resource Me segment, Leary and Armin offer six questions you can ask yourself before you take up something and explain why these are important to consider:

  • Does it help you get closer to being the person you want to be?
  • What do you hope to gain from it?
  • What’s at risk if you fail and is that acceptable to you?
  • How much time will you devote to it?
  • What are you willing to give up to start it?
  • What does your starting it cost others and it is acceptable to them?

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One thought on “006 How to be a better beginner

  1. Hi Team,

    Below quote is very important and its very inspirational.. i.e The show starts with an Inspire Me quote from Eugene F. Ware:
    “All glory comes form daring to begin.”

    while reading some thoughts are coming,”where I am”… but I will follow the paths….

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