064 The choice between legend or legacy with guest Dr. Chuck Stecker

We live in a culture that talks about legacy but in reality we live in a “legend” world. Dr. Chuck Stecker, Founder of A Chosen Generation, talks about living a life of legacy.


In this episode, Leary and Armin interview Dr. Chuck Stecker, President & Founder of A Chosen Generation and the Center for Inner-Genrational Ministry. Dr. Stecker holds two Ph.Ds, has served on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, and presently on the board of directors for the CASA 50+ Network & Christian Service Brigade Ministries. He is the author of Men of Honor, Women of Virtue: Raising Kids to Keep the Faith.

Dr. Stecker’s offered this week’s Inspire Me quote:

“You establish your legend by what you do and you establish God’s legacy by who you are.”

Many people talk about leaving a legacy when what they are really talking about is creating a legend. A legend is left by what you do. It’s established by the things you do, the things you create and what your known for in that doing end of your life. A legacy, on the other hand, is who you really are. Your legacy is your fiber and fabric of you as a person and that’s passed from generation to generation and generations yet to be born.

The difference between legend and legacy is the difference between what you do versus who you are. It’s how you invest your life rather than where you spend your life.

We have an opportunity to change the world. But to do so means we need to change how we are parenting. Too many of us as parents try to raise good kids as measured by what they do. They become an end-product, for us to show off what good kids we have. Instead we must teach the next generation to be the teachers of the next generation.

The key is to focus and be proud of who your children are becoming, not what they do. These principles apply equally well in business as well as in home.

This week’s Challenge Me from Dr. Stecker:

Ask yourself, “Am I living my life for a good resume’—for my next promotion and the honor that comes with that—or am I living for my eulogy—for what’s going to be said about me by those who know me?”

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7 thoughts on “064 The choice between legend or legacy with guest Dr. Chuck Stecker

  1. Interesting and challenging distinction. It would be interesting to write the eulogy you would like read, knowing that if it were read today it would be a lie because the eulogy would be not “who you are” but “Who you want to be or strive to be” or better said “the person God wants you to be” and then to make that eulogy a personal goal.

    • Writing an aspirational eulogy is a great idea Penny! That’s a terrific Challenge Me add-on to this episode. I’m going to do that!

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