063 How to grow your emotional intelligence

There are many ways to grow your emotional intelligence. This episode proposes four very practical ways to do so.


This week’s Inspire Me quote is from Albert Einstein:

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

In this episode, Leary & Armin pick up from the previous episode on emotional intelligence to suggest four ways to grow your emotional intelligence:

  1. Practice alternative explanations for behaviors. This depersonalizes conflict, perceived or real.
  2. Frame your response to another by owning the emotion that is generated by an incident. Explain how the interaction affected you and offer an alternative. Use this formula to express your emotions: “When____, I feel ____ because ______ I would like _____”
  3. Increase your presence awareness. Three areas to increase your presence awareness: self-awareness, relational awareness, and contextual awareness.
  4. Anticipate possible responses you can make. Decide ahead of time how you might respond to a given situation.

This week’s Challenge Me:

Practice the “When…I feel…because…I would like” formula in your next conflict. Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment in our show notes at www.reinventure.me/63

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2 thoughts on “063 How to grow your emotional intelligence

  1. For anyone wanting to explore EQ further, Lynda.com has a great online video course on Leading with Emotional Intelligence. Dakota County residents with library cards have free access to this great resource. http://goo.gl/LSaFYl

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