065 How to create great ideas

We all love to have a great idea. But do great ideas just come to us or is there something we can do to create them?

How to create great ideas
This week’s Inspire Me quote is from Albert Einstein:

“The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas.”

In this episode, Leary & Armin share a simple approach to creating ideas. The approach is particularly useful for those times when you are looking to create something or solve a problem that will take a considerable investment of time.

    Write what you are trying to create or problem you are trying to solve. Rewrite it at least three times using different words. Define what’s at risk (potential loss) or what’s to gain by accomplishing it.
    Great ideas come from lots of not-so-great ones. Here are ways to generate ideas:

    1. Make a numbered list of 20 ways to accomplish the goal. Keep it nearby and add to it as you go.
    2. Journal about the goal for a week. Write 3 pages daily.
    3. Read books related to the goal
    4. Search the internet. Set a timer to keep on task.
    5. Ask a friend to brainstorm with you.
    6. Meet new people. Attend conferences, webinars, etc.
    Rate each idea (low, medium, high) based on the energy you have for it. What are common elements in the high energy ideas you have? Pick an idea and journal what you like about it and how you would feel once it’s done. Anticipate what would come next. Where does the idea take you?
    Pick one or two of the leading ideas that remain. Break down the steps to implement the idea. Big ideas will appear daunting and unattainable.
    Seek help from others that are knowledgeable about the area. Commit to the short-term steps; rather than the long-term goal.

This week’s Challenge Me:

Pick a topic important to you and start your idea list for it.

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