RMT013 How to overcome stalling

Are you putting off something you want to do? It happens—either when life gets busy or we let busyness become an excuse to stall. If you’re stuck stalling, this toolbox episode is for you.

How to overcome stalling

In this toolbox episode, Leary shares techniques from Margaret Lobenstine’s book, The Renaissance Soul, to help you overcome stalling and get started on your dream:

  1. Write down negative thoughts.
  2. Identify the assumptions underlying each one.
  3. Code each thought according to assumption type.

Leary elaborates on each of these steps in this brief seven-minute episode. Take a listen and consider giving this technique a try. The beauty of the exercise is that it helps you sort and reframe your thinking, and even gives you an immediate action plan!

Share your thoughts—including other strategies you’ve found helpful in overcoming stalling—with us in the comments section below. We always love to hear from our listeners.

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