105 How to Disrupt Yourself (with author Whitney Johnson)

Are you ready for change? Feel complacent, under-challenged, or maybe like you’ve put in your time already? If so, it’s time to disrupt yourself.

How to Disrupt Yourself (with author Whitney Johnson)

This week’s Inspire Me quote is from Whitney Johnson—and is a flip on Winston Churchill’s famous “Never, never, never give up” quote:

“Always, always, always show up.” 

In this episode, Whitney Johnson joins Leary and Armin to talk about:

  • Disruptive innovations.
  • The “S-curve”—a mathematical equation that helps us understand how innovation is adopted.
  • The signs of plateauing and knowing when to jump to the next “S-curve.”
  • Seven variables that can affect our progress along the “S-curve.”
  • Market vs. competitive risk.

Quotes from the show:

  • “The more I read about these ideas, the more I realized that if I really wanted to get something done in life, then I was going to have to disrupt myself.” —Whitney Johnson
  • “Disruption isn’t just about products and services and companies and countries. It actually starts with the individual.” —Whitney Johnson
  • “A disruptive innovation distilled to its essence is a low-end or new market innovation that eventually upends an industry.” —Whitney Johnson
  • “At the top of the curve, you’re starting to approach mastery […], but your brain is now no longer enjoying the feel-good effects of learning. […] You’re not learning as much as you were. If you don’t jump to a new curve, that plateau becomes a precipice because you start to become bored and you can actually precipitate your own demise.” —Whitney Johnson
  • “If you can learn to surf these S-curve waves of disruption in an era when disruption is actually accelerating—this is a skill set you can bring to the table in managing your business as well as your life and career.” —Whitney Johnson
  • “Seventy percent of all successful new businesses end up with a strategy other than the one they initially pursued.” —Whitney Johnson
  • “Battling entitlement is a linchpin; it’s one of those things that can bite us and we don’t see it. But I think one of the most critical [variables] is developing your distinctive strengths.” —Whitney Johnson

This week’s Challenge Me:

Start paying attention to the complements that you’re getting. Write them down. Then ask yourself, “Am I bringing these complements, these strengths, these super powers to work? Am I bringing them to my relationships?”

Where are you at in your S-curve? What do you think of some of the suggestions and ideas we discussed in this episode? Share your comments or questions below.

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