107 What it takes to be a writer (with guest Jerry B. Jenkins)

Do you have a book in you? If so, then this podcast is for you. We’re talking to mega-author Jerry B. Jenkins about what it takes to be a writer.

What it takes to be a writer (with guest Jerry B. Jenkins)

Jerry B. Jenkins is a 21-time New York Times best-selling author, including the mega-hit, Left Behind series. His 187 books have sold more than 70 million copies. This week’s Inspire Me quote is from Jerry’s father:

“Make your goals intrinsic, not extrinsic. […] Make your goal to be the best writer you can be.” 

In this episode, Jerry talks with Leary and Armin about what it takes to be a writer. Join us for this conversation and consider how you can incorporate Jerry B. Jenkins’ advice as you approach writing your own book.

Quotes from the show:

  • “This isn’t a hobby. It’s not a diversion[…]. Writing is a serious business and it takes a lot of years of training and work to do it right.” —Jerry B. Jenkins
  • “Make sure you’re making three or four times your salary before you think you can go full-time freelance, because all of the expenses now will be yours.” —Jerry B. Jenkins
  • “How do you write a mega-best-seller? Well, you don’t. You don’t sit down to do that. You write from your passions and what you care about.” —Jerry B. Jenkins
  • “I don’t have any control over how something sells, how it will be received. The only thing I have control over is how much of myself I put into it and how disciplined I am. So all I can do is the best I can do and the market takes care of the rest.” —Jerry B. Jenkins
  • “I maintain that fear of inadequacy and a little bit of low self-esteem[…]. Fear’s not a bad motivator. Let’s take whatever you need to keep you from short-cutting the process and short-selling yourself.” —Jerry B. Jenkins
  • “My calling is that I have a message. I wasn’t necessarily called to be a writer. I’m called to spread the word and this is my vehicle to answer that call. So, I’m going to be obedient to that call. Success was never the point. Obedience was the point. Had I never had a book sell over 100,000 copies, I still would have been a success by answering the call and being obedient.” —Jerry B. Jenkins
  • “If you want to be a writer, start with a blog, start with a small publication, start with a newspaper, do magazine work. Learn the craft. Get the quarter-of-a-million clichés out of your system. Learn to be edited. Learn that it’s collegial: every published piece of writing is a duet, not a solo. Learn that back-and-forth. As you become an expert in something […] then start learning the business, making the rounds, going to writers’ conferences, meeting editors and agents. Then it’s time to get involved in a writers’ group and try your hand at that book you want to take a shot at.” —Jerry B. Jenkins

This week’s Challenge Me:

It’s never too late—or early—to start writing. Don’t let anything stand in your way. If you want to be a writer, the important thing is what you want to say. Learn your craft, hone your skills, and get behind the keyboard.

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2 thoughts on “107 What it takes to be a writer (with guest Jerry B. Jenkins)

  1. Thanks for the interview with Jerry Jenkins. As a member of his Writers Guild, this adds to what I’m learning about the craft of writing. And you two were fun hosts. And I like that I could copy & paste your notes for future reference.

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for listening and letting us know you did. Glad you enjoyed the show. Join us again anytime. 🙂

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