077 The dream team you need

You’ve got an idea. A dream. A new venture. So make it better. Create a dream team for your idea.

The dream team you need

This week’s Inspire Me quote:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” — Marcel Proust

Whatever venture we’re on we’re most likely to engage people most like us. But they may not be the best people to have on your dream team because they’ll look at the world much like you do.

Build a well-rounded dream team for your idea by recruiting those who see things differently than you. There are four lens from which people see the world:

  1. Ideator lens. The ideators are idea generators, brainstormers and energy infusers. Their driving question is: What could it be?
  2. Developer lens. These are the raw implementers, innovators, prototypers. They are fast movers and their driving questions is: What form should it take?
  3. Improver lens. The operationalizers take the prototype and find ways to scale it to be more efficient and effective. Their driving question is: How can it be made better?
  4. Restorer lens. The restorers are cutters of clutter. They rediscover the core idea. Their driving question is: What should be redeemed?

In the vernacular of Proust, these people are your new eyes. It may take time to adjust to them and your first reaction may be to revert to your more comfortable present perspective. Remember, every dream team takes time to be at its best.

This week’s Challenge Me:

Evaluate your network and who you spend time with. Are you surrounding yourself with people that wear different lenses?

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