001 The question you should never stop asking

There’s one question you should never stop asking: What do I want to be when I grow up?

In this debut episode of the Reinventure Me podcast, your show hosts Leary Gates and Armin Assadi talk about why we should never stop asking that question.

Get acquainted with Leary and Armin as they laugh about the many transitions that they’ve made over the years and share their vision for this podcast.

In the Inspire Me segment of the show you’ll hear why something that’s absent from a verse in the Bible (Ephesians 3:15-16) can encourage you right where you are today.

Every episode of Reinventure Me will feature a Challenge Me segment that offers a practical thing you can do to find your next great beginning. This episode’s challenge is a visioning exercise: What will you be in two years? In this episode, Leary provides some suggestions on how to find out.

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4 thoughts on “001 The question you should never stop asking

  1. Hi Leary-I just finished listening to your first podcast. I mentioned to you yesterday the struggle I have had with the empty nest. It has been more about letting go of my children and letting them follow their own dreams.
    My own dream has always been to be the best possible wife, mom and grandmother. I can’t say I have had any other dream than to fulfill that mission.
    So now I am at a loss as two of my three children are in Florida and doing just fine without mom.
    One of the two is married and has a little boy by the name of Axel who stole my heart away from day one.
    I know what it is to grieve and I have grieved them being so far away.
    My oldest lives in Burnsville and has two adorable little girls. Their dream is to move to South Carolina and open a chiropractic clinic.
    Transititions aplenty.
    Heartaches like none I’ve ever known.
    As you read the verse on this podcast from Ephesians 5 to very careful how you live, God spoke to my heart and told me to also be very careful how I think.
    I kind of get stuck in the muck and mire of my own thinking.
    I am going to pursue the assignment of how i see myself in two years. Maybe the dream is expanding to include other things and I just don’t know it yet.
    As Rhett Butler would say, “tomorrow is another day, Scarlett”
    I look forward to hearing the next podcast, Mr Gates.
    I appreciate you.
    Deb Heide

    • Thanks for listening Deb and for leaving a comment about the program. We’re going to have to do an episode on the empty nest. Ours is emptying right now and it’s a big transition for many of us. Thanks again for dropping by.

  2. Just listened to this first podcast of reinventure.me and found it to be Amazing. So thankful to have been turned onto your program, and looking forward to engaging with you both in the future!

    • Hey Andrew. Thanks so much for checking it out. Welcome to the community. Let us know how we can help you in your next great beginning.

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