RMT015 How to get clarity about a goal

Clear goals prompt action. But how do we create that goal clarity? This toolbox episode highlights three simple ways.

How to get clarity about a goal

In this seven-minute toolbox episode, Leary shares how to interrogate our goals to make sure they are the best they can be. He suggests asking three key questions:

  • So that…?
  • So what…?
  • So how…?

Take a few minutes to listen to this episode and then ask these questions to get clarity around your own goal. You’ll establish a purpose, identify your points of resistance, and develop a plan to pursue your goal. Then, share your thoughts or questions with us in the comments section below. We always love to hear from our listeners.

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2 thoughts on “RMT015 How to get clarity about a goal

  1. Good thoughts on how to interrogate my goals, to make sure my purpose is clear, what my resistance factors are, and then what action steps to take. Great for opening up fresh thoughts on goals! Thanks Leary!

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