RMT004 How to get in the door (with guest Steve Kloyda)

In this toolbox episode, we talk about how to “get in the door” so you can sell your idea to people who want it, but don’t know it yet.

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This is our fourth Reinventure Me toolbox episode—a new format to offer quick tips and tools to help you excel in your life and in your life ventures.

In this episode, prospecting expert Steve Kloyda talks about selling ideas. His tips:

  1. Be clear about your message. Have you taken the time to distill what it is you want the other person to know about you? You have just 10 seconds to get the person’s attention.
  2. Remember the is, does, and means: what is it, what does it do, what does it mean to the person you’re approaching?
  3. Create a prospecting gold list. Who do you think might want your idea? Prepare yourself and your message, do your research, and block out time to approach your prospects. Start with a phone call. One of three things will happen: you’ll reach a gatekeeper, leave a voicemail message, or reach the person you were calling to reach.

Steve says:

  • “We’re all in sales. Let’s face it: we have ideas, we have concepts. Have you seen a good movie lately? Did you tell someone about it?”
  • “Make the purpose of the call the purpose of the call, because confused people will not act, will not respond.”
  • “You have exactly 10 seconds to get the person’s attention. So you need to be really clear about your prospecting message.”
  • “How do we find out what’s important to the person we’re approaching? We have to do a little research, we ask them questions. We have to make it all about them.”
  • “Proper planning equals peak performance.”
  • “You need to develop a relationship [with the gatekeeper].”
  • “[Ask,] ‘Is this a convenient time to talk?’ …I’ve tested this and 99% of the time they will say, ‘That depends, why are you calling me?’ Now they’ve invited you in. You’ve earned the right to have a conversation.”
  • “Don’t say, ‘I was just calling’ or ‘I just wanted to touch-base with you.’ No. ‘The purpose of my call is…’ State the purpose of your call. And, at the end, ask a question.”

Have you found other ways of successfully getting in the door with prospects? If so, share your tips in the comments below.

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