RMT002 How to use media to increase your credibility on LinkedIn (with Viveka von Rosen)

This toolbox episode offers three tips on how to use media to increase your credibility on LinkedIn.

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This is the second of the Reinventure Me Toolbox episodes; a new show format that we are adding to offer quick tips to help you in your venture.

In this episode, LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen shares the three things that matter most when using media on your LinkedIn profile and preparing for that next great beginning:

  1. Your profile photo matters. Make sure yours is a professional-looking headshot, and features a smile.
  2. Banner ads add. Use banner ads that are consistent with your other marketing efforts to promote your business or activity.
  3. Showcase your credibility. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s newer features: add a background image to your profile, upload videos and presentations, share anything that visually showcases your credibility.

If you use LinkedIn, share your tips in the comments area below and let us know what you think about this new show format.

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