080 Are you building a bridge or a plank? [Reinventure Me Clinic]

There’s a career and different future you’d like to have, but your present demands keep you from getting there. Maybe it’s time to build a bridge to your future.

Are you building a bridge or a plank?
This Reinventure Me Clinic episode is an unscripted and unrehearsed conversation with Jesse Whitson, husband, father, business owner and worship leader. He has a dream to engage in future ministry, together, traveling with his wife.

In this episode, Leary, Armin and Jesse talked about Jesse’s desires for his future and some of the struggles he faces balancing the demands of a business that make it profitable to travel and the desires to remain close to home to be with his family and pursue his ministry passions. The key is to find ways for one to lead to another; building a bridge rather than a plank.

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