019 What is a personal brand and do you need one?

Everyone has a personal brand. Not everyone is aware of it—or cultivates it. Your next great beginning may depend on a good one.

What is a personal brand and do you need one?

This epispode’s Inspire Me quote comes from theologian and author, Frederick Buechner:

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Leary and Armin discuss the following questions about personal branding:

  • What is personal branding? Think reputation. You already have one. Some people have particularly strong reputations that they’ve used to create great new beginnings. The key is authenticity—developing a personal brand that reflects who God made you to be, not who you think others want. Find your “deep gladness” as Buechner puts it.
  • Does everyone need a personal brand? Paying attention to your personal brand is less important for those not contemplating a change. But if you are considering a great new beginning, it’s possible that those who can be most help to you are even not even known by those you know today. Cultivating your personal brand can expedite your connections to those who may be part of your next great beginning.
  • How do you get started? First, listen to Episode 14 on personal vision and Episode 15 on personal mission statements and do the exercises there. Then look at your mission statement and decide how you want people to introduce you. The important elements of a personal brand are:
    • WHAT: What do you want them to say to another about what you are good at?
    • WHY: What do you want them to say to another about why you are so passionate about it? What’s your underlying belief?
    • HOW: What do you want them to say about your character? Your values and style?
  • How do I apply it? Authenticity is key. Ask yourself, What’s my brand promise? What am I hoping that other’s experience as a consequence of interacting with me? Then find out how real it is.

The Challenge Me segment suggests asking someone who knows you well these two questions:

  1. How would you introduce or describe me to another person in one sentence? With one word?
  2. In what ways do I bring benefit to you? What do you do or feel as a consequence of being with me?

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