012 How to know if you’re stuck

You’re next great beginning may take some time. A lot of time. How do you know if you’re stuck, or if all that time is incubating an even greater beginning?

How to know if you're stuck


In this episode Leary and Armin discuss the difference between an idea being stuck or just incubating. They turn, once again, to Mark Twain for this episode’s Inspire Me quote:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Any transition takes time and lots of energy. At times it may be hard to tell if your not getting anywhere or if your next great beginning needs more time to develop. Here are three symptoms that might suggest you’re stuck:

  1. When your clarity of direction is less certain over time. You feel more confused and have lost your sense of vitality and optimism.
  2. When you resist the next step. You want to move ahead on a new idea for yourself, but you consistently resist working on it.
  3. When you over-function. You’re trying too hard to make something happen, resulting in anger and disappointment.

The Challenge Me for this episode is to evaluate your situation by asking these five questions. (These are part of a longer list of questions you’ll find in the Resources list below.)

  1. What scares the living daylights out of me? What am I resisting most?
  2. Is there any critical information or another person’s perspective about the situation that I’m lacking?
  3. What’s the benefit of making the decision now?
  4. In a year from now, if I imagined choosing each of the possible options in front of me, which option would I wish I had taken?
  5. Will the option I am contemplating make me more like the person I want to become?

Our next episode will explore how to get unstuck or help others to do so. Please join us and tell a friend.

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2 thoughts on “012 How to know if you’re stuck

  1. We need to talk…I have to address the difference between being stuck and Waiting on God when your circumstances seem to be directed by Him to create a desert/wilderness experience.

    “You know you got to do something.” ??? Self-awareness versus Christ-focused ???
    ? Was it a waste that Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness? How many more people could have been ministered to if He sent 21days? Joseph 14 years in prison, Moses 40 years shepherding, David running from Saul for 10 years, was all this time due to being stuck or Character development ? Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for listening and sounding off about the difference between being stuck and waiting on God. There are many occasions when we must wait as you suggested. I referred to that as incubation time in both the podcast as well as the blog post about it listed above. You mentioned Jesus, Joseph, Moses and David. Those are great examples. I mentioned the apostle Paul in the podcast episode and Abraham in the reference post to add to your list.

      The “stuck” we have in mind here is when we can’t get going on what God’s called us to do. In our next episode, we’ll be talking about how to get unstuck, but that’s not the same as waiting on God to deliver His promise to us, nor is any of that intended to short-circuit the character building that happens as a consequence of our patient obedience.

      Glad you are a part of the Reinventure Me community and would be happy to chat with you about it further.

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